Mosaic Loft

EXCLUSIVE Technology

Mosaic Loft couples a custom mosaic design tool with precision robotic assembly to create intricately designed mosaics at an affordable price .

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ARTFUL design

Mosaic Loft unique designs will add a custom pop of beauty and style to any tile installation.

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FAST Fulfillment

Our robotic production system is 10 times faster than traditional mosaic fabrication. We can get your mosaic to you, ready to install in less than a week.


Mosaic Loft mosaics are made up of 3/8 in. vitreous glass, enabling detailed imagery. The vitreous glass is easy to clean and suitable for most tile applications.

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EASY Installation

All Mosaic Loft products install just like any other tile material. Each mosaic comes packaged in square foot sections uniquely labeled with a corresponding installation guide.

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