Mosaic Loft Catalog




Mosaic Loft Repeating patterns combine the durability of tile with the visual impact of fabric. The versatile designs can be used to fill a feature wall, wrap a shower, or stretch across an entire backsplash.

Couple a Mosaic Loft repeating pattern with its corresponding border to unify any room with a consistent theme.


Agrestic embodies the inherent flow of nature in both the arrangement of the vine and the selected color-ways to create a soothing haven.

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Agrestic Rose

Agrestic Rose is a well-balanced display of roses and buds worked carefully into the Agrestic pattern. It can be used as a strong accent alone or to add interest to a wall of basic Agrestic design.

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This graceful floral impression establishes a gently flowing backdrop to any room. The flowing tendrils create rhythmic curves that glide around a room in an effortless repeat.

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Arcadian Flight

Arcadian Flight offers a refreshing, contemporary element to the more traditional pattern. The integrated dragonflies add a natural liveliness to the pastoral setting.

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Tidal was designed to evoke feelings of tranquility and relaxation through its calm, rippling pattern. The distribution of metallic tiles creates a lively shimmer on the water's surface.

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