Mosaic Loft

Mosaic Installation Guide

Installing a Mosaic Loft mosaic is as straight forward as installing any other tile. Remember, the proper layout is very important to the tile setting process, so follow guide-lines, labels and installation map provided with your Mosaic Loft tile.

Working carefully with proper preparation will just about guarantee a perfect job.

What You Will Need


  • 1/8" Notched Edge Trowel
  • Rubber Grout Float
  • Sponges
  • Water Buckets
  • Razor Blades


  • Labeled sheets of Mosaic Loft tile
  • Corresponding installation map
  • Thin-set mortar adhesive
  • Grout


Step 1 - Preparation

Before beginning, it is important to first make sure that the surface is smooth and uniform. Then measure the space in which the mosaic is being installed to determine the best fit for your tile. Use a straight edge and level to draw reference lines to help you align the tile as you work.

Step 2 - Applying Adhesive

Apply a layer of adhesive to a small section of the installation surface using the notched edge of a trowel by evenly 'combing' the teeth of the trowel across the surface to create uniform ridges. Don't try to work too far ahead or your adhesive may dry.

Step 3 - Installing The Tile

The sheets of mosaic have a clear tape covering which allows the mosaic design to be seen while applying, preventing sheets from being applied upside down or in the wrong order. Apply the sheets of mosaic firmly to the setting material, being sure that the backside of each sheet is placed into the setting material, and the tape side faces out.

Using a float tool, tap lightly across the surface to adhere the mosaic securely into the setting material. Allow 24 hours for the setting material to dry.

Step 4 - Grouting

Before applying grout, be sure that the mosaic surface is clean and all clear tape is removed from the tiles. Tape should be peeled in a diagonal motion to prevent tiles from becoming detached from the setting material.

Mix the grout, being sure to follow the manufacturer’s mixing instructions carefully. Once mixed, spread into tile joints with a grout float in a diagonal direction, then squeegee in the opposite direction. Ensure that all joints are filled completely.

Step 5 - Cleaning

Several minutes after application, the excess grout should be ready to be removed. Use a sponge and clean water and scrub in a circular motion, removing excess grout and smoothing all joints. Continue to wipe down the tiles until visibly clean.